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Flowers - MILEY CYRUS[Verse 1] We were good, we were gold Kind of dream that can't be sold We were right 'til we weren't Built a home and watched it burn [Pre-Chorus] Mmm, I didn't wanna leave you, I ...Kill Bill - SZA[Verse 1] I'm still a fan even though I was salty Hate to see you with some other broad, now you happy Hate to see you happy if I'm not the one drivin' [Pre-Chorus] I'm so mature, ...Anti-hero - TAYLOR SWIFTI have this thing where I get older but just never wiser Midnights become my afternoons When my depression works the graveyard shift All of the people I've ghosted stand there in the room I sh ...Creepin' - METRO BOOMIN, WEEKND & 21 SAVAGE[Intro] Ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Just can't believe this, man (Metro Boomin want some more, nigga) [Verse 1: The Weeknd] Somebody said they saw you The person you were kissin ...Unholy - SAM SMITH & KIM PETRAS[Intro: Sam Smith & Kim Petras] Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot At the body shop Doing something unholy Lucky, lucky girl (Ooh) Lucky, lucky girl (Yeah, yeah) Lucky, lucky girl (Uh) ...I'm Good (blue) - DAVID GUETTA & BEBE REXHAI'm good, yeah, I'm feelin' alright Baby, I'ma have the best fuckin' night of my life And wherever it takes me, I'm down for the ride Baby, don't you know I'm good? Yeah, I'm feelin' alright ' ...Die For You - WEEKND[Verse 1] I'm findin' ways to articulate The feeling I'm goin' through I just can't say I don't love you 'Cause I love you, yeah It's hard for me to communicate the thoughts that I hold B ...Rich Flex - DRAKE & 21 SAVAGE[Part I] [Intro: 21 Savage & Young Nudy] Go buy a zip of weed, hit the club Pay for 'bout ten niggas to get in, we crunk, lit, in this bitch, yeah Know we walk around the world Steppin' ...Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 - BIZARRAP & SHAKIRA[Letra de "Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53"] La letra completa estará disponible cuando se lance la canción [Adelanto] [Coro: Shakira] Una loba como yo no está pa' tipos com ...As It Was - HARRY STYLES[Intro] Come on, Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you [Verse 1] Holdin' me back Gravity's holdin' me back I want you to hold out the palm of your hand Why don't we leave it at tha ...Golden Hour - JVKE[Verse 1] It was just two lovers Sittin' in the car, listening to Blonde, fallin' for each other Pink and orange skies, feelin' super childish, no Donald Glover Missed call from my moth ...Bad Habit - STEVE LACY[Intro] I wish I knew you wanted me I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me [Verse 1] What you, ooh, uh, what you do? Made a move, coulda made a ...Something In The Orange - ZACH BRYAN[Verse 1] It'll be fine by dusk light, I'm tellin' you, baby These things eat at your bones and drive your young mind crazy But when you place your head between my collar and jaw I don& ...Under The Influence - CHRIS BROWN[Intro] Kido, Kido K-Kiddominant on the beat, better run it back [Verse 1] Fuckin' Robitussin I don't know why this shit got me lazy right now, yeah Can't do Percocets or Molly ...Made You Look - MEGHAN TRAINOR[Chorus] I could have my Gucci on I could wear my Louis Vuitton But even with nothing on Bet I made you look (I made you look) [Verse 1] I'll make you double take soon as I walk away Call up you ...Just Wanna Rock - LIL' UZI VERT[Intro] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah-ah I just wanna rock Body-ody, yeah (Shake it down) Damn, damn (MC, make another hit) Woah This ain't what you want (Project, Project X) This ain't what you want Th ...Cuff It - BEYONCE[Verse 1] I feel like falling in love (Falling in love) I'm in the mood to fuck something up (Tonight, I'm fucking something up, baby) I need some drink in my cup (I need a drink), hey (Pou ...Superhero (heroes & Villains) - METRO BOOMIN, FUTURE & CHRIS BROWNListen (listen) Every story need a superhero and a villain Now, introducing Metro motherfuckin' Boomin, nigga (Metro motherfuckin' Boomin, nigga) Ah, yeah They pray for the day that I lose i ...Thank God - KANE BROWN & KATELYN BROWN[Verse 1: Kane Brown] I was lost, you found a way to bring me back Needed forgiveness, you always gave me that Girl, I'm a witness of your love 'cause you don't be givin' up And it ...You Proof - MORGAN WALLEN[Verse 1] Well I've been throwing down the whiskey I 'aught to get my money back Someone said it drowns a memory Ah but it ain't doing jack Yeah I've been sippin', I've b ...