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Letras De Antiversum

[Music: Seraph, V Santura, Lyrics: Morean]

Condensed anew,
Into unspeakable immortal coil,
Malkuth is trembling, lies askew,
Before the end of all mortal toil,

Reborn by the vastness,
Of the Outer Pandemonium,
Spawned by all the ungods lurking,
Defiled by the Genesis,

Deliver me,
And I shall wrench the world wide open,
For the coming of Elysium,
In the dawning unlight,
I shall walk the earth,
As your Messiah, your Nemesis...

Hiscat Barathrum,

Antiversum, Cohorrescent Corpora Mea
Antiversum, Reverto ut frendeam orbitem terrarum,

From behind the glass,
In dimensions long cast aside,
I see a shape, familiar yet forgotten,
Mummified in space and time,
Lifeless, rotten...

Antiversum, Cohorrescent Corporea Mea,
Antiversum, Reverto ut frendeam orbitem terrarum,

Legions of nightmares flank my side,
The mirror bursts like an eggshell,
I emerge, black furnace in the flesh,
To bring the end of all continuum,

Antiversum, Cohorrescent Corpora Mea,
Antiversum, Reverto ut frendeam orbitem terrarum.

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Dark Fortress - Eidolon
es la cancion numero #9 del álbum Eidolon que se lanzó en 2008-02-22. Género: Rock | Sello discográfico: 2008 Century Media Records Ltd
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