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i've been kind of tired
maybe i've been not myself
i feel like i should be putting in
so much more than i put in
the wife the kids are starting to get in the way
of the important things like cars like ............
jus keep smiling
and i'll try harder

is this a joke
i'm not laughing
i'm not trying to be difficult, cause a scene
i dress real good i talk real good
i act exactly like I should
just like you taught me
like i'm part of something bigger
more fullfilling
more worthwild than anything
left in my life

and i'll try harder

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Wintersleep - Wintersleep
es la cancion numero #10 del álbum Wintersleep que se lanzó en 2003-04-29. Género: Alternative | Sello discográfico: 2006 The Tom Kotter Company Ltd
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