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Step by step decent from where I am would seem a better plan than falling in
Emotion overflowing now
Don't you waste it

I'm falling far...too late
This over flow is too much to take
I'm falling far...too late
So cut it up...afraid?
It's just another trip anyway
I'm falling far...too late

Watching you go down constantly draining me
Show me how you seem to be weakening
Up until now what's all been said is just a lie to cover up all the times that you've made me
Pay. Bleed. Breathe. Bleed and breathe.
You cloud my mind all the time.

Separate the sky from ground where I will stay internally until high tide
The ocean's overflowing now
Can you taste it?

So cut it up...afraid?
It's just another poison to take
I'm falling far...too late

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32 Leaves - Welcome to the Fall
is the track #9 from the album Welcome to the Fall which is released on 2005-09-06. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2005 Double Blind Music
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