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Your Lies Lyrics

And I've said enough by now
It's plain as day
Soon enough I'll need a change in the worst way
Not getting though to you is killing me
And soon enough I'll suffocate
From breathing

Your lies need to stop
I keep running out of reasons to comfort and shelter you

Yeah I'm so on to you
Watch what you say
It's the shit you never think about I'm taking the wrong way
Just getting through to you
Takes all my strength
And soon enough I'll suffocate
Take you with me

But I'm still breathing
So don't put me on and lie again


Days have gone by
I'm dying inside
Is this, your idea of torture?
I'm asking you why with my heart barely beating,
You put me on and lie again?


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32 Leaves - Welcome to the Fall
is the track #4 from the album Welcome to the Fall which is released on 2005-09-06. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2005 Double Blind Music
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