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Memory Lane Lyrics


Said i'm riding down memory lane, Thinking bout
The first day i saw your face, Rembernising bout
Those good ole days down memory lane, Memory lane (Yeh)
I'm riding down memory lane, you shotgun we
Gone ride all day, On cloud 9 while we fly away
Down memory lane, Memory lane (Yeh)

Verse One:

See I wanna take it back to the past
Cause it seems like it pasted in a flash
And I want it to last, never thought I would ask
If I could go back, Just know that I'm missing you bad
And I don't know why,
And So I, continue down memory lane
I wonder if you still remember the same
Remember the good, Remember the pain
See I remember the thangs (Down Memory Lane)
See I remember those morning kisses
now I'm missing my good morning kisses
See I'm torn and I missin
You by my side as I ride (Down Memory Lane)(Memory
But when i see you again, Well if I see you again
I just pray that I see your grin
I missed your style, I missed your smile
so I'mma go and take a trip for a while, Cause


Verse Two:
(Yeh) When I met her wasn't looking for relationships
Cause hearts can break and shit, and I dont think
I can take the shit
But you know how ladies get
She got impatience and shit, waiting and shit,
Said she tried of just dating and shit
She said she need somebody to come home to,
talk on the phone to, I'm thinking you got the wrong
My feelings was strong to, but I just couldn't commit
My heart had been broke,
and it wouldn't let me go threw it again
But the feeling that i'd get when she grin kept pulling
me in
Mane I was in love I couldn't pretend
But the feeling that i'd get when she grin kept pulling
me in
Mane I was in love I couldn't pretend
I'm on this same ole mission again, I'm gone fishing
Catching these same broke bitches again
But now i'm just missing her grin, I'm missing my baby
I must be crazy, Im trippin


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40 Karats - Dream Of Mines
is the track #15 from the album Dream Of Mines which is released on 2011-09-18. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2011 40Karat Entertainment
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