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Haunted Lyrics

Rest in peace, I never meant to fool you
Your destiny, it wasn't ready to fulfill you

I'm wide awake
I can't seem to, can't seem to find
(Find my way)
I'm miles away
I can't seem to, can't seem to find
Find my way

I can't find my way

Searching for a meaning
Always loosing feeling
And I don't wanna let it end this way
I thought I had something more to say
But now I realize it's just all too late
This isolation never kept me safe
(Never kept me safe)
Turning around, you're bringing me down
To everything that lies below
Do you haunt me now?

I'm already dead… dead inside from this nightmare
My guilty conscience claims that I can't hide from there
Yet still I'm lost
Lost in my mind
In apparition, idly floating by

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A Scent Like Wolves - Frigid Future
is the track #5 from the album Frigid Future which is released on 2016-03-18. Genre: Metal | Record Label: 2016 We Are Triumphant
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