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Chores Z-ro-Trae
Please don't get out of line
(i slap a nigga)
owe me money better give me mine
(i slap a nigga)
and if you cross over that line
(i slap a nigga4x)
If you disrespectin my song
(i slap a nigga)
If you right i think your wrong
(i slap a nigga)
if a nigga speak out of tone
(i slap a nigga4x)
Z-ro Verse 1
we dont pop lock and drop it we cock the gat and pop it.go ballistic on this nigga and have them say stop it.

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Abn - It Is What It Is
is the track #11 from the album It Is What It Is which is released on 2008. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2008 Rap A Lot
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