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Some Sin For Nuthin' Lyrics

Heroes, hard to find
Don't make the news 'til they're doin' time
Schemers turn the screw
They get the word and they drop on you
Lay down the law black of the night
Run up a score, oooh the price is right
Dealers looking round, wheel is turning round
Coming round on you
Some sin for gold
Some sin for shame
Some sin for cash
Some sin for gain
Some sin for wine
Some sin for pain
But I ain't gonna be the fool
Who's gonna have to sin for nothing
Nothin' at all
Nero, evil mind
He was born way before his time
Lead 'em down below
You got it right and away you go
You gotta lay down the rules, push up the price
Turn on the heat, put you on ice
Dealers looking round, wheel is turning round
Coming round for you
(Give it to me)
(Ain't gonna do that)
Ain't gonna sin for nothing
You get nothing for nothing
Ain't gonna sin for nothing
That don't make no sense, no, no

Song writer(s): Angus Mckinnon Young, Brian Johnson, Malcolm Mitchell Young
Official AC DC website: www.acdc.com/us

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AC DC - Blow Up Your Video
is the track #7 from the album Blow Up Your Video which is released on 1988-01-18. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1988 Leidseplein Presse B V
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