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I'm Her Slave Lyrics

"Get off that stuff", she said
"And I'll stone you instead"
"Unchain yourself", said she
"And tie yourself to me"


I'm on the floor, I play with knives
You can call and ask your wife
She's been over once or twice
Likes to use me

And I'm her slave
But I don't need, no chain
I'll behave

Give me more of what I've come to expect
Wrap your love around my neck
Understand me when I say
You'll deny me

And I'm her slave
But I don't need no chain
I'm her slave

Get me down with my head up high
May your barrel shift that
All my worries shift by
My love

I'm her slave
I'm her slave
I'm her slave
I'm her slave

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Afghan Whigs - Congregation
is the track #2 from the album Congregation which is released on 1992. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1992 Sub Pop Records
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