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The Last Power Lyrics

Chirac racist motherfucker
Throwing your nuclear shit
Into our ocean
In front of our coast
Killing the fauna and flora
Demonstrating the world your Power
But you’re nothing, just shit
You fucking piece of shit

World’s last power
Mutilation, domination
Of the lost empire
Cause we are not your
Slaves anymore
We are no more your puppets!

Fear of the end
Invading you
Evil control
Just hell on earth
Stop the madness
The nuclear scum
Feel the pain Of agony

I hate you

Why don’t you throw your scum
In front of your own house?
Why don’t you show your egocentricity
In front of your own country?

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Agony - Millennium 10th Anniversary Edition
is the track #11 from the album Millennium 10th Anniversary Edition which is released on 2006-10-01. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 Viamas GmbH
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