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Spanish Ballerina Lyrics

Oh I met you by the blue blue river
Can't forget you, oh two hearts bit as one
I'll be there, love, by the blue blue river.
'Cause I need you like the world needs the sun.
I can't forget you and I regret you.
Look what you have done.

Spanish ballerina, take my heart.
Spanish ballerina, if we'll start.
I'll lay you in a bed of roses,
Sold my heart to you.
Babe, don't make me blue.

Spanish ballerina, talk to me.
Spanish ballerina, can you see ?
I'll lay you in a bed of roses,
If there is not enough.
Babe, I need your love.

She reminds me of a spring in the winter.
She will fly me … roses in rain
I can't forget her oh I regret her.
Like my favorite song


A little bit of paradise,
I'll give you everyday.
You are an angel.
It's always like the first time baby
Oh when I say
You are an angel.
I'll take the stars above for you,
Oh I will never tell a lies.
Nobody loves me like you do.

Take this golden ring form me,
Save your little heart for me.
It's not too late, my baby.
Take this golden ring form me
From here to eternity.
There's no other lady.
Kiss me, kiss me, baby, stronger everyday.
We're born to be together
I have to say.

Anyone who has a heart
Will understand a game.
You are my angel.
I'm always chasing rainbow,
Bring the sun and again
You are my angel.
Oh you've got the best of me,
Come on, baby, take the rest of me
Nobody loves me like you do.

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