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From Manipulation To Martyr Lyrics

Victims lost to the hands of torment as their cries go unheard
Slaughtered the souls of the innocent
Crucified, they are left to burn
Sacrificed to a system, these are the casualties of war
Suffering as they fall in silence
Their shattered lives are ripped an torn
Drowning, choking, broken lives
They become statistics as the live on borrowed time
Mass Extermination as politicians debate
They struggle to survive knowing hell awaits
While they suffer opportunists will take control
Feeding on their sorrow
Exploitation is taking hold
While they pray to their god
Seeking salvation to set them free
Man in black preys on their fear
He promises vengeance for the tears
The manipulated now become martyrs
Martyrs seeking vengeance for their pain
Victims becoming aggressors
Searching for someone to blame
They will find redemption through a veil of deceit
Manipulated martyrs who are too blind to see

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All Out War - Into the Killing Fields
is the track #5 from the album Into the Killing Fields which is released on 2010. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2010 Victory Records
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