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International Juggernaut Lyrics

Word the fuck up
Fuck what you heard
Fuck homeland security
Bullshit fucking ceasers

Y'all don't contend the capacity
Fuck with the majesty
So I advise you all to stop,pour the blasphemy
You got audacity for even tryin' to blast with me
Put your guns away your bullets ain't as fast as me
I'm quicker then the speed of light, ain't no passing
School and sesses, y'all ain't in the same class as me
I had it y'all, 'cause you lack the tenacity
The master of the game, and spit on a rhapsody
I bust rapidly, click automatically
Never act passively, that's not my strategy
Annihilating everything in my cavity
Born sure appendix,all think rationally
You are catastrophe ,verbally an atrophy
Yo I'm a savage beast, so I act savagely
Don't get me wrong you got potential for faculty
If you were born again, made from my anatomy

The first plane, out of JFK
Hit on anthem international USA
Me and Red Eye connect 'cause the dudes we pee
You with me catches on a park
Bet you sittin' boccard in the chain
I'm Harvey the king, that you wanna go against the gray
Simple and plain ,I'm the in tense and fame
Can sense the pain, every time I push the mic
Niggas run for their life,
From the sun to the night, carrying gun devices
Rest in peace and hold still, talking life from his
Big and pop to pun and tie
Big L and I wish I knew he still was alive
Summer time's approaching crack the window's down
Poppin' the low T punk the villy sound
Could be like cappela's in the mist filling the shade
My villan is click, I put an end to all of this shed
That nigger's poppin' on the radio, girl's giving me
My ratio IV chick God with the nuts wanted with us
Ground city poppin' it up
We throtle it up, fools be holla we what
Anonymous words so we speak in codes
Watch the explode,all you coward niggers treson with
We're really the best, Willie Maze relaying the stress
Of not having a deal, we'll have to deal with the bulls

International Juggernaut
Feel the cut like a guilotine
Drama to the feeling
International Juggernaut
Feel the cut like a guilotine
Drama to the feeling

Hold your new shit exclusive
Go a mucus your school spend
Most interviews with your cast of crew
And move for shooting
Shoe sniffs , loose grips
Souls that do flips
Despite the rest accuration
Separation from vitality pitch
Spark this plate more territory spelling
I was in your jurnal buzzing weed
Punching zebras,for a line
Crack whores and tend the police
Tri-star pictures
Fuck the clouds carrying
Coast into the opens, search for the motherland
Trees in my hover craft,to find hard liquor
The earth is a program reality show
Sadomise you're my ,per inch I the earth
And come pawn her, bid by the curse of the future
Lift by the words of intruder
Not inside the church for the mover
Learn to maneuver

What's it feel like roving lie back
This bright earn lack of
Getting past an artifact
That you flap like sports sack
Blast boost the master
Bring flash flood disasters
On you rip the corny ass bastards
Ozone we the best, chief with the war paint
And the headress what you reply on respect
It's like our destiny manifest into us
Taking yours without the savageness to eaten the flesh
You can feel theirs hearts stopping in your chest
Then we take it out, temple the dudes down
We stuff it back down your mouth
That's what the vets about total war
Anyone to target when we land on the enemy shores
This is what we do for you, think it
Respect this song the action, do this
To show you that you evolve
You swear the a son, for us it's already done
Let's stop and pull this after they will
Fire from the gun

International Juggernaut
Feel the cut like a guilotine
Drama to the feeling
International Juggernaut
Feel the cut like a guilotine
Drama to the feeling

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