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Merovingian Revenge Lyrics

Yeah the lost children of Babylon
And alter productions
The french connections

Yo I was a burried king
My sarcophagus was convered in sand
The rising Pharaoh emerges from the mud
With the scalpel, he enteres the chapel
Places a dead hawk on the altar
Dead and rot, the crystal ball
What he saw was the greatest prophecy of them all
The collapse of the Eiffel Tower,
I crack the DaVinci Code
The revenge of the Merovingian
The streets of Paris is infected
With thinner webs, of the Vatican
Romans snatching all
The visionaries fallow you into
The crypt the pyramid
Will you behold the triumph
Flip the king,medusa,one look at her
Will turn you into stone
I unlock up the philosopher stone
And unfold the lost counters that was foretold

Fuck and non the fathers
My time to thrive
And I don't hesitate when I find my drop
Somewhere between the good old days
And the bad young mites I stop
Eating poisoned apples, despite my appetite
Yeah I got cravings, but no savings to blow
So I'm shaping shawn tip placing arrows to bow
You forest is sure boy, the fathers of your bird
Context of evils really starting to blur good
Strain of error, under the rain of terror
Under this black cloud sky
We blood stained together
Be lying in clay, while I'm flying away
I'm not trying to stay, you'll all die in a day
Chances are a million to one you feeling the sun
Burning your skin,the planets turning again
Planets learning to win, can you discern between sin
If not, we chop your heads like french revolution

Game won
Fame is on my rap
Game won
Rap,rap it right
Game won
Fame is on my rap
Game won
Be untouchable

Chop your neck like Marie Antoinette
In a pale moon like the devil dance with axe
Ball room walks in Satan
It's the foundation
Lost children of Babylon,across the nation
Alterbeats, transform like Alter beast
And savage two headed dragon
Let us on to the streets
Pirates, pyroblast, pyrotechnic
Don't worry pirate carrying iron in the session
Private rain fire with the wessen
Hamburg healing them,54 glory end of story
When we killing them
Bass don't blast and my bend 'em
Others will die and bad at raps
We just fuck candy tubbin' like
Sugar shock, Sugar Shane,Sugar Ray Leonard
Sweet Dick Willie with a fifth of tangled ray on
Radio Raheem with his four fingers ring
Say I'm loving hate y'all bitch all
MC's to say

Two eyes gaze in the sky adjusting stars
They could never take what we built 'cause this is ours
My choir was never ever afraid of pistol lords
I'm back against the wall we blast a cripple yo
Revolutionize the mind ,blind no hesitation
Brutalize the llama the rhyme is adjacent
Rug a nine to your spine no ventilation
Ruin lives shooting their God, devastation
LCOB in the mist in vick choir
Move lateral in attack, we spit hard
Silent we move to terrain and foreign habitat
Take out your whole regime and never have it back
Why you rap like that, don't know whats history
Too caught up in commercial rap I spit in heat
I paint it vividly, clear is like a crystal
When they try to mimic me, they may have a pistol

Game won
Fame is on my rap
Game won
Rap,rap it right
Game won
Fame is on my rap
Game won
Be untouchable

No pyramid schemes, undeground for centuries
Kingdoms lost children for the cause of Terra so
National fevers higher detonations here
History and the heresy , fair brass and slavery
Genocide, to gain a science,
It would be for rulers up
Countries to have the company to list
Tirany to be the loss so they say what I say
'Cause we the same thing when I state the public
Do into slavery so missing all our sides
No where to hide, you been on our fights
I arrived genocide,homocide, thoughts of the alive
Stoppin' just to salute the side
Meditate, the words are state magicians
Form a system sister's where the sorceror is
Make you think you deal but you just
Hit the first shot , easier than lead sheep to
Bona fide only hope to save the man from the Mayan

I rise the tomb, hell aray I wound
Meditate to the womb, rise from the cocoon
Flight I take , deep into the dark
Walk with the sharks,talk with the lions
Prenoms Lyon ,tumble in that fool step
I engage death,too main too rigid
And 50.000 steps need stones,buckle, tarot cards
Blade in them grottel, nod on my knuckles,mistress
Blood eyes suckle, eyes get blue

Game won
Fame is on my rap
Game won
Rap,rap it right
Game won
Fame is on my rap
Game won
Be untouchable

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Alterbeats - The French Revolution
is the track #11 from the album The French Revolution which is released on 2012-06-26. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label:
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