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Revolution On My Brain Lyrics

Ah gotta be on point,yeah
Once that I start,
I would not stop
Until I was in a ditch

Hey yo America tryna' sacks
I'm duty free, who we be
Bang for freedom like human beings
I ain't political , but I'm from a block
Where all cops got for the kids is a whip or two
Only the negative should be getting in the news
Still young still dumb still hitting snooze
If you never been here than just switch your view
We ain't just sitting around just sipping booze
We tryin' to get jobs interviews
But they looking at us like in the view
More like interrogate where the father's a ceragate
Yeah we got us raising up a quarantine
All high, you're life ain't shit
And the thing rich white kids like they rip
If you can trade you see you had it made in the shade
They got uzzis in the hood,I ain't even seen a grenade
You gotta understand, but it ain't selling lemonade
We seven letters now I mean that Dio d'ace
I pass the L to the Jay with an L to the train
Girls are oppose 'cause our hands tight hard to
You got it hard, but took an L to your brain
It's a damn shame doll, they freed the slaves
But we still trapped in chains nothing will change
'Til we rise up revolution on my brain

Reef-Reef-Reef-Reef the Lost Cauze
Rev-rev--rev-rev-revolution on my brain

Yeah,they got us separated, still got us aggregated
Decorated as valet ,they wanna the sell it instant
Deplayed it so we don't rise, to the agaze
And blindfolded so we don't see no lies
It's in invasion my melitic mind
The innocent blind,the focus denied
With the telescopic my optics beyond
The planet I be on, some other shit
They gon' be brothership
Watching you every move ,'til you disapprove
The mothership has been grounded
Every a fifty two's they found it
I'm rounded, they're just a bunch of squares
That we be surrounded, dump out and butler it
As the world's bringing, it's turning to the opposite
Give a perspective for my inception
Question the obvious,oblivious, a tereos
We're headed to an oblivion
While most of y'all are delirious
We lead 'em to be paying attention
Giving you true sense,the new sense
Got you in the headlock, 'cause you're too dense
Oh see unaccepted, you hot enough
She ain't leaking the truth upon the chalet
I acking to blinking shrinking to back
To Abraham Lincoln ,deep in you're shrinking drinking
And singing while I master my disaster without the
I'm more that they ain't no taking me off, shaking me
No breaking me off, as mallet but no making me off
Just Alter production ,total destruction
Leave you to set the ties
Remember the revolution, will not be televised
Arsonist,AOT free

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Alterbeats - The French Revolution
is the track #13 from the album The French Revolution which is released on 2012-06-26. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label:
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