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The Take Over Lyrics

Yo warrup sicknature, yeah
Lord Lhus, from US to France motherfuckers

I don't need to pack any slap
Beats rapping on rack
Beats my stacks,she filled with class
It's immaculate nasty
My style be similar to sickest to the seas
Said I'm rowdy ,indesignate, legitimate
Bidders for me,
Where the cash at,
We rocking a show, not for free
Let me catch you mark of the killer
I snap you properly
You craft a mean, 'cause I deserve it little homie
Push your phonies out the booth ,
Red swine ,could never cone me
You said corner me, and it's true
We beat the shit out of you
The microphone beats the lyrics
The fights on this the booth
Raising the fucking roof, get up
We represent, hip hop
Bust a hoke to the fullest extend
All the hard working MC's get up and take a bow
Fuck 1994 brother the time is now
Get your shit together don't stop
While toss opponents
All for the love of hip hop
Undeground taking over

Yeah sicknature will lend you to
Fuck up any fake and pretender
Don't hate the truth ,the fable
I'm displaying a menace
Y'all inventing the saying
Going in circles like you standing to blend
Me and lore loss of the titans,
Like Hades ascenders
Fuck this rap hip hop bends while they
Hop in the bus
I don't like it, I'll strike it
With motherfuckers alot
I buy a lot of gum packs, tic tac for this
Y'all think suckers ain't making moves
Like you're stuck in the box
Rather be sucking it up
To a fat piece of crap of the major
Like your fucking ass on a stick
I'm Vlad The Impaler
I fall for nothing,
Sicknature more or less at the goons
It's all or nothing
Alter productions

Yeah, shout out to alterbeats
France warrup
Take over, that's what's up
Snowball fans warrup
Lord Lhus what's up
Sicknature terrying this shit down

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Alterbeats - The French Revolution
is the track #15 from the album The French Revolution which is released on 2012-06-26. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label:
print |
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