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I remember everything as I sit alone
all our mornings and our evening times
So I'm getting my coat and your chocolates
All the buildings from the train pass me in a blur
and the trees and moving just as fast
still I'm moving along with your chocolates

They substitute the telegram with the fax machine
What did you substitute me with?
Am I bringing you down when I'm bringing you candy?
All I want is the best for you tonight
All I want is you to have, a life as sweet as it can be
and to know everything will be all right

The overtook the doorman with the intercom
What did you overtake me with?
At your step, I feel the air as it starts to thin
Like the air that you had somehow vanished in
still I'm holding my breath and your chocolates, yeah
So I'm leaving your door and your chocolates
As I'm wandering on, do you wonder boy?

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Aluminum Group - Plano
is the track #1 from the album Plano which is released on 1998-08-11. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2013 Minty Fresh
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