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Lady Marion's Galliard Lyrics

Oh my Lady Marion
I have loved you long
Still you do me wrong
And taunt me with your jests
Oh my Lady Marion
A thousand deaths I die
For you to cast your eye
Declaring love confessed

Turn me not aside this way
When love runs true
Guide my heart lest it should stray
Away from you

Oh my Lady Marion
Knights fight for your hand
Pledge you all their lands
And send you presents fine
Oh my Lady Marion
Riches have I none
Yet hearts can be won
By love as strong as mine


Middle 8
While you keep me waiting
Lovers should be mating
Yet you jilt me
Turn and tilt me
And I know not why

Oh my Lady Marion
Bards tell of your charms
Praise with chants and psalms
So frail a figure fair
Oh my Lady Marion
No verses do I write
Yet win your heart I might
If true love will forbear


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