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Poison Arrows Lyrics

Cheaper than the heart attack
that seems to come without a future.
I've been paid for a life of crime
with a plate of poison arrows.
Understand I'm drowning here.
Understand it's only me tonight.
Standing tall on crooked spines.
Breathing in that rolling thunder.
I can quit this any time,
but it's one hell of a habit.
Understand I'm dying here.
Understand it's only me tonight.
(If) you can stand my will to live,
I can stand on burning embers of a very flawed design.
How we loved to watch it burn here.
Understand I'm burning here.
Understand it's you and me tonight.

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Anchor Arms - Cold Blooded
is the track #2 from the album Cold Blooded which is released on 2008-08-18. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2008 Fail Safe Records
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