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Heathen (Witch's Hammer) Lyrics

Carelessly passing through pieces of future
Stored in abundance
Such a waste

I have had visions of bodies split open
Exposing the thread of their secretive nature

Increasing demands of the ones that surround me
Noted for strength and kindness of heart
Have weakened me further beyond recognition
Mind as mist body crumbles to touch

Carelessly passing through pieces of future
Stored in abundance
What a waste

I have opened myself to this notion
Absorbing the filth of all that fall in my way

Carelessly passing through maze this dementia
Has built around a thousand thoughts
Of the one who seduced to reveal my intentions
The one who has weakened me broken me down

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Android Lust - Resolution
is the track #3 from the album Resolution which is released on 1998-03-08. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1998 Synthellec Music
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