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The Groovy Guru Lyrics

Oh firefly
Stay by me
So I may see
Where I may tread
Who knows where
By the light of others
I may be led

The man was wild and thirsty
He asked her for a dollar
They're good words she said
But I am empty of them
This new kind of madness is a gift
She was looking for the groovy guru

A rock man climbed out of her TV
He said the animals think I am a poet
She washed his face
And kicked him in the teeth
And she said "Yeah"

He's like Plato on death she said
As her touching eye flamed upon the stove
She was cooking for the groovy guru

All her selves collide
She's on a downward slide
"El Greco is that you?"
There's someone at her side
He is dressed in his Sunday best
His coat is red
And his breeches are blue
And there's a hole where his tail comes through
She was looking for the groovy guru

In Hell girl's sit around
With their legs open and everybody laughs
You've got to crawl
Baby doll
To find
The groovy guru
If you want to find the groovy guru

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Anita Lane - Dirty Pearl
is the track #2 from the album Dirty Pearl which is released on 1993-09. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1993 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Mute Records Ltd
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