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Left To Die From Love Lyrics

Chorus-They keep on screaming so you should know your the one they want so you should go and you just keep your happy life and I'm a keep dieing every night thinking bout us just makes me cry but seeing you leave kills me inside you left me here with no more life

I'm thinking about the times where I went wrong it's funny all those wrongs helped me write song thinking about you got me loosing my mind and every time I leave I see you die inside I don't like to leave it brings me down it breaks my heart when your tears fall down everytime I leave she turn me off and when I come back she don't talk at all and when I'm on the road I hear her call

With every single word I say to her her heart starts screaming and she gets hurt her souls gets frozen I feel that burr the chills down my spine I can't take no more with all the pain I cause her I it hurts me soul she opened up her heart and I left her cold I left her winter with no one to hold when it's time to leave she turns me of when I come back she don't talk at all my mind keeps spinning I've lost it all cause all I can hear is when she calls

They keep screaming so you should go they love you but they don't know my love for you shined but now it glows our love dried up so it don't grow I'm tired of this game it hurts inside cause evry time you leave you make more lies how can we last if you don't even try how can we laugh if you make me cry how can I live if you kill me inside and how can I see if I lost my sight so you just live your happy life and ima keep dieing every night thinkng bout us just makes m cry and watching you leave just kills me inside I can't watch you leave my sight every single step stabs me inside when Im on the road I hear her call

Walk out that door and watch me fall

My lover is no where in sight

She said I took heart and stabbed it over 100 times

I walked put the door and left her to die

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