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Trichinosis Lyrics

Oh my darling I sure loved that meal
Though I could still taste the pig squeal
Now Im weak and losing focus
I think you gave me trichinosis
Trichinosis is little worms that dig
And burrow through your body after you eat raw pig
I love you hon but cant help but notice
That you gave me trichinosis
By candlelight I ate that pork
I couldnt see danger on my fork
Oh if you do love me completely
Never again feed me food that will eat me
Now I feel kinda strange inside like Im in an apartment
With tenants I just cant seem to evict
Theyre having a party and Im the buffet
I love you darling but Id be lying
If I didnt tell you this was eating me up inside

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Arrogant Worms - Idiot Road
is the track #7 from the album Idiot Road which is released on 2001. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2001 Arrogant Worms
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