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Bottle Of Hope Lyrics

Chorus If I could then I would but I cant so I wont Cause I got better things to do with this bottle of hope If I could sing I would sing but I cant hit a note I'm a rearrange these words and give you something to quote If I could then I would but I cant so I wont I got better things to do with this bottle of hope If I could fly I would fly but I cant stay afloat Above the clouds so for now I play it cool on the ground.

Logics (verse 1) If everything I see is in the place that its suppose to be I got something to say to everybody who's so close to me What if hope is lost? Would you still hold on to your rosary? Maybe all is coming to an end We used to play bows and arrows now its all smoking barrels And dirty cops that will put your face on the front of the herald Or the New York Times fifty shots fly by Pack you up and ship you out and you get back in a pine Box six feet under rocks take a look at your watch Time flies like them helicopters over them blocks Yo this new world's ordered like some domino stacks All it takes is one push to watch the whole thing collapse And so we push to the limits and yes push to the finish Unless they're pushing bullets into stopping my breath At which point I'd resurrect as a wind from the west Crush the whole house of cards to kill the kings in the deck


Logics (verse 2) I play it cool on the ground cool as the sounds of soul When the sun comes down and the breezes blow Some got dreams and hopes some got schemes to blow up Selling blow to grown ups Yo it's the nature of the beast to leave your soul stuck So is the nature of man to take it and run? Living by the barrel of a gun trying to aim at the sun Then you wonder why we're losing the fight Moving against the light

Newsense (verse 2) Its been twenty four years and I'm just now recognizing There's no way I can avoid it my life is an assignment To constantly move forward and never back peddle Spread my words across the globe like grenades do scrap metal Wait these accusations are killing me We didn't kidnap your kids they actually came willingly Life ya life is a lucid dream And I'm a play my part like a movie scene


Newsense (verse 3) We broadcast live in Technicolor cue the canned applause And you can sing the songs if you can stand the noise One thing I think I should confess to its I keep hope bottled up and faith in jar next to it I'm painting this picture While everything around me is changing directions My life is stranger than fiction I got this government grant studying the science of sleep But at night when I lay down I die in my dreams I'm trying to keep this dark secret well hidden But I fell victim now it's hotter than Hell's Kitchen I can still cope with the dangers I'm facing Cause I can find hope in the strangest of places Find me in a basement making my spaceship Little help from my friends and a whole lot of patience And no I'm not trying to reach the stars I'm screaming fuck the world and getting further from y'all

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Artofficial - Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP
is the track #4 from the album Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP which is released on 2010-12-22. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2010 ArtOfficial
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