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Chorus (repeat x 2) Sit back drift back yo you with that? I'm with that hits that split your wig back Mix match words down on this ink pad Spit that hit the booth and I'm gone

Newsense (verse 1) I wake early morning the death of my dreams Take a breath and it seems That life is more than just that which reflects in the stream I crush the superficial with the crucial issues Sometimes my daily routine feels like a Voodoo ritual The truth will hit you hard enough to rip through your tissue Leave a mark like a bullet wound from a pistol Fist fights and foot races lets keep it simple I live in a glass house a stones throw away from a sad town Of residents who look for the slightest excuse to bad-mouth Lash out blow things out of proportion I look at the glass my image is reflected distorted They tell me I'm a dreamer that I think slightly different I tell them I haven't slept since '97 Stay up all night legs folded arms crossed At all costs I want to know Gods thoughts

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 2) I'm a visionary by nature so when I close my eyes I wake up I see the world on fire hell storm lighting the blaze up Living the days of apathy so when we raise up We'll be too late to reverse the tables we ate from We take from like somebody always gonna replace them 'Til we fighting these water wars to keep from dehydration Leaders yelling occupation and catch phrases As a sedation tactical separation You a terrorist or patriot and what's the difference? Political affiliation? Or your religion? Are you following your instincts or television? Who you think is holding the interest to all those picture That they show on the tube just to keep us amused Got your wallet singing songs of that overtime blues Kids worshipping celebrities we say they confused Get rich or die trying and the body counts huge

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 3) What's going on? The more and more I try to understand it Its like I lose myself in the language they take advantage To keep the people in panic I guess It just a form of deception to see how far we can stretch All the rights we posses right down to they tracking your steps And tracking your breath and tracking who you're holding your debts with Ask the wrong question and end up with a death wish For every ones acceptance like a stolen election

Newsense (verse 3) I'm rhythmically riveted you're living with limited options The beat raped the chorus I'm the illegitimate offspring Spit syllable top spins with minimal consciousness Flip scripts with swiftness and ridicule artists Hypnotists swing pendulums spiting typical nonsense My continuous wisdom is an indispensable offset You're lyrically impotent bringing your primitive arson Ripping your mandible hit with cataclysmical offense

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Artofficial - Stranger
is the track #2 from the album Stranger which is released on 2007-05-24. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2007 Artofficial
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