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Too Nasty Lyrics

Chorus (repeat x 2) Stop listen that's how we get down On mission we cant stop now All in it ready and locked down That's how we do what we do when we do

Bridge Newsense just hold it steady I'm a hold it in place While I burn this verse to the ground and block the fire escapes We too nasty (repeat x 2) Yo Afterogics hold it steady I'm a hold it right here While I make these amateur rappers reconsider careers We too nasty (repeat x 2)

Newsense (verse 1) Its so sporadic feel the force like a catapult When I release the illness no use in taking the antidote I succeed cause I manage to break your defense and damage you Stupid challenging me's like free falling without a parachute Times I go hysterical chemically imbalanced Till the point where I cant stand it there I let out the savage Reek havoc sweep madness wherever my feet planted Each average weak rapper ends up with they teeth shattered Yes its so incredible rebels with chrome pedals Get run over if you're skeptical knocking them off their pedestals The lone sentinel growing into a threat to you I'm not a GQ centerfold let a lone photogenic fool My fellow gentlemen all got exoskeletons Armed like ghetto residents charm with mellow elegance My gentle eminence calms the several elements Spawn with esotericness rob you of your relatives

Chorus (repeat x 2) Bridge

Logics (verse 2) Yo I scatter the pattern of average rappers with half a flow And casually counteract it like antidotes Get the crowd airborne like its shrapnel With lateral movements when I'm moving with Newsense Infallible smooth shit Get battered and bruised quick with hits from the two sticks Drums roll like the bullets flying out of an uz-clip No soul ya'll got room for improvement Pack shows to the point people cant move to the music So leave your thoughts at home celebrate the night is long Alleviate your mind from the stress your day is based upon We gonna chip away at the night 'til we break the dawn We gonna keep spitting on breaks so long as the race is on From the strong to the will of the weak Through the voice of the people we speak From the streets and the corners to the burbs where the grasses is green Universal like the urges to breath so dream on it goes

Chorus (repeat x 2) Bridge

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Artofficial - Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP
is the track #3 from the album Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP which is released on 2010-12-22. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2010 ArtOfficial
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