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Word Bending Lyrics

Chorus This ain't rapping WHAT? Its word bending OH Lyrical acupuncture for your nerve endings Ya'll ain't rhyming NAW ya'll just pretending YA You can't fathom the way that we twist a sentence

Newsense (verse 1) This ain't rapping its word bending Lyrical acupuncture for your nerve endings Newsense the Demigod gruesome at any cost There's a crisis these rhymes are priceless they cant be bought Black ink runs through my veins so I writes to live Fuck around and BLAM strip you of your rights to live Consider this swift and deliberate I get rid of it The rhythm will riddle your system with increments of significance Sing if you can't rhyme scream if you can't yell it While you sit and write rhymes I sit at home and write epics Caution you might get nauseous don't throw up Quite often I get off topic but fuck it SO WHAT Keep insinuating that you've got invigorating raps But Incriminating acts only give my an exhilarating blast I much rather keep my job as a word contortionist Your life goes nowhere like the oldest kid at an orphanage

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 2) Words under my jurisdiction you're sure to listen The purest vision of dopeness a euphemism describing my sonic mysticism Shatter your silly suggestive cynicism Opinions get split into pieces passing my mental prism Red for antagonism yellow for cowardice green for the jealousy and black for all the passionless Immature amateurs sinister saboteurs Meaningless matador got bullshit on your sole trying to dodge the horn Fuck your scorn use my time to be progressive Reality's all perception take a view from my direction Humble yourself for a second I'm more than competition Listen or perceiving me from the ground horizontal position This ain't a game this is more than running my mouthpiece Start expanding the outreach battle god for his house keys Stretch my words across the globe like lines of longitude If you can dig it close your eyes and let your mind consume

Bridge This ain't rapping This is word bending This ain't rapping This is word bending

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Artofficial - Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP
is the track #6 from the album Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP which is released on 2010-12-22. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2010 ArtOfficial
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