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So Hard Lyrics

(It is so hard to move on)
It’s so hard to carry on
Even though we must be strong
(Must be strong, must be)
Cause it’s so hard not seeing your face around
Your grace you presence is gone (2x)

Seem like just yesterday, you we’re walking around
Talking about your, dreams that have gone away
Lost in the dark but still in our hearts you
Live on, so wrong how this world can get so cold
This bond, shall remain strong with only memories to
On to, of you
Can’t stop thinking of what could have been in this
When tears fell through
Who of known it could been for you my dude
With a heart so pure, your happiness cured a long long
And you can be sure that it’s not in veign
Your name will be up in the stars where we always

Gone so distant seemin like a star away
It’s hard to say, that your existence is a memory today
For some jewels up on display, say nay is you crazy
Maybe blazin got me phasin cause this picture lookin
Lately, things been getting shaky breaking down and
crumbling quick
Got me askin what the purpose of this worthless ignant
What satisfaction do you get, subtractin lives of
Fo presidents, evident that several gents seek no
Know In time the wounds will heal, but still this ill
persist inside
While I ride the thought presides if you we’re still
jist here alive
No more tears out of my eyes, cries I dried em all up
Stuck thinking bout the shots I heard learned later who
they touched
Phone call “naw you callin my bluff” tough believing
post preceding
Grieving cause these demon heathens did not think you
should be breathing
Eaten at me can’t be happy til the truth comes to the
Might be outa sight and vision but you within us for
life RIP

You’re gone you’re gone, I can’t believe your gone
I can’t believe your gone, your gone
Gone, so far away
I can’t believe it, can’t believe it
I can’t believe I can’t believe I can’t believe your
I can’t believe, I can’t believe I can’t believe your

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A.tone Da Priest - Stand By My Words
is the track #20 from the album Stand By My Words which is released on 2011-09-30. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2011 A Tone Da Priest
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