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The Greater Tide Lyrics

i hear a memory upon the wind.
a song of long forgotten men.
who lost their lives beneath the tide.
and woke up on the other side.
come hear the tale and stand amazed at those who rest beneath the waves.
their minds were free.
their hearts were brave.
they kept their promise to the grave.
some faced the sword.
some faced the rack.
some burned alive inside the flames.
but heroes all.
both great and small.
they proved their faith was not in vain.
those humble men.
those children dear.
beneath a crushing weight they cried.
that saving Name of Him who comes bringing forth a greater Tide.
come hear the tale and stand amazed at those who dance upon the waves.
their minds are new.
their hearts are safe.
upon that Sea beyond the grave.

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Attalus - The Greater Tide - EP
is the track #7 from the album The Greater Tide - EP which is released on 2010-12-28. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2010 Attalus
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