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Fit Together Lyrics

It's cold tonight, hurts to the touch
I'd say it's fine, but I miss you too much
We're still so young, but old enough
To fully grasp the gravity of love

I feel so helpless that I can't control how
Your heart is feeling, but I think I just figured it out
I feel so human that it just might break me down
And bring us back again

Cause we're moving at the same speed
And we're reaching for the same thing
We're like two in one, like the moon and the sun

And life is full of things we can't control
But the beauty lies, in finding someone wonderful
Like a full eclipse perfectly aligned, we just fit together

Sometimes we bleed, sometimes we cry
That's how we know that we're still alive
Stand next to me, lay by my side
We won't play victim to the rising tide

Song writer(s): Daniel Robin Layus
Official Augustana website: www.augustanamusic.com

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Augustana - Life Imitating Life
is the track #6 from the album Life Imitating Life which is released on 2014-03-25. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2014 Razor & Tie Recordings, LLC Manufactured and marketed by Razor & Tie Direct, LLC
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