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I've Got No Money Lyrics

Chorus: I've got no money (8x's) (poor man crying singing)

Yo world dis song is dedicated to
All my niggaz on foodstamps no job to do
All my bombs on street corners we feel your pain
All my asylum special people with no freaking plan
This world is wicked every man for them self
When judgement day come no man will be left
Out in the rain like people do to the poor
If you got a dollar give cause you bound to get more
This song for my drunks, orphans and street hores
People out trying to hustle get money supply for
Kids that don't have much toys more like one
If you find a solution then solve and you won
People so heartless like kanye west said
No taking in beggars on the streets people dead
But it's all gonna change thas why this song is to
People that's living in hell oneday gonna rule

Chorus: I've got no money (8x's) (poor man crying singing)

So now you might think that I don't know your story
I have seen people down and out with no glory
I've been in the shoes of people like this
If you don't want to acknowledge then you gladly been dismissed
More pain than a cyst no luck like a wish
No shot like you miss like a snake with no hiss
It's sad they get dissed when this they didn't chose
They rather be in hollywood off doing shows
But that's just a dream and no they werent chose
Oneday it will change and soon I suppose
But people that's rich start donating cash
Cause people that's poor shouldn't have to kiss yo ass
Yes um putting yo on blast and it's future not the past
So when you in first sometimes you might end up last
Poor don't worry just strive to get along
Until then just relate to my song and sang

Chorus: I've got no money (8x's) (poor man crying singing)

It's true yes true I've seen the bloody worse
Where family don't help family and one end up in a hurse
Your future sometimes isn't something that you choose
You aim to be high and then you simply loose
I aint saying that another person should have to pay
Your way in life so that I will say
But there's no excuse to do what you do
When you got 1 million dollars and can't loan out two
This world is chaotic and pain sweeps around
Jesus died on the cross for us all here on ground
But people can't give that's the hardest thing to achieve
But drop 60 dollars on a cut and weave
It's hard to percieve these people with greed
Out to make all the money and can't help a person read
They the ones that should be out with no funds
Should be in the place of bombs and sleeping in the sun!

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