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Wit Ya Boy Lyrics

What you gonna do if you can't stay with ya boy
You never thought I'd get mad cause you played with ya boy
And now it's time to leave no more laid with ya boy
I'm round here getting paid with ya money ya boy
Can't take this stress no more so you out the door
You cheated never thought I'd know... YOU HOE
And everytime I look at you I feel real funny
You played with my heart girl you fuck-ing dummy
Verse 1
And they say when you get married girl you feel so good
And they say you carry vows that both understood
Then why I can't reach the next level with you honey
You do stuff that make a nigga feel real funny
When I first met you my heart swept the flo
Not knowing what you would do you reap what you sow
That's why we at these terms in our relationship status
The name you created yourself truly you are the baddest
But saddest that why I can't be with you no more
Um packing up all your clothes moving you out the door
So let me rest in peace don't bring my name up
Cause you pitful girl you on the same stuff
Verse 2
If love is the bestest thing that hit the earth
Then why our love failed girl, cause you gave it no worth
It's no use for trying to get you back
You fail into love another mans lap you sat
Like toya said girl you will regret
The time that I fed you and brought that pet
Shopping through malls louis vatoon I bet
Eating at restaurants you haven't heard of yet
If you happy over there then love with ya man
If you don't wanna be then alone you stand
I aint taking you back girl you play like a toy
That man gonna do you wrong shouldve stay with ya boy

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