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Roadside Heretics Lyrics

oh holly was a roadside heretic
felt the weight of the circus town
all the fakers seemed to do was make her sick
now holly's got a shotgun frown
and underneath her smile's a bitterness
and a need to secure her faith
'cause all the self-belief is just emptiness
if she can never dominate
the question is not how far to push it
when you're forced out of control
we all could use some understanding
before we feel the whip come down
oh billy's got his trite philosophy
tucked away inside his chest
'cause daddy's into cars and pornography
oh and daddy always knows what's best
now underneath the tears of this bitterness
is a need to secure a faith
'cause all the books have left is an emptiness
and a growing sense of hate
the question is not...
roadside heretics
we're all roadside heretics

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Awakening - Roadside Heretics
is the track #1 from the album Roadside Heretics which is released on 2002. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2002 Intervention Arts
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