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Adam's Atoms (Acoustic) Lyrics

some live, some die
Everybody wonders why we're here
Should we even try?
Philosophers lost in the night
A beacon in the distance
You gotta turn around
It's vestige dimly flickers
In elocution sound

The modernest chronometer uptight and underwound
Pretensions of a higher ground
Higher ground
introspective paradise found

Adam's Atoms resound

Economy of nature
the dead and shallow graves
the particles of happiness elude us of their names
A psychosymbiotical reflection on the waves
Eternal is the night and day
Night and day
Omnipresence is losing faith

Adam's Atoms remain

The righteous opposition has led us all astray
One side against the other, one loses one reclaimed
And if reconciliation eludes us every day
Then will we ever find a way
Find a way
Not with a religionious gaze

Adam's Atoms remain
Adam's Atoms betray
Adam's Atoms remain.

Song writer(s): Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin
Official Bad Religion website: www.badreligion.com

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Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell (Deluxe Version)
is the track #18 from the album New Maps of Hell which is released on 2007-07-06. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2008 Epitaph
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