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Italian Steel Lyrics

(Italian speech)
...And the black knight took his hood off and...
What a wonder
A real crown appeared upon his blonde hair
but no head could be seen beneath it
The flames of fire were flaring
His dark and strong back
Was covered by the cloak
The lord of darkness fought in the night
Enlightened by the pale light of the moon
And only one became the king

Heavy demons in the night
On the prowl for blood
The horned god of the witches
Is back from the ruins

Heavy metal eruption
are you ready for hot zone?

In the Darkness
A long loud silence

We are born to fight
Behind the lines
It's night time
Let's start to scream


We are rock 'n' roll prisoners
Evil metal is within us
We start a race with the devil
War flame is coming

Dity armada is looking for you
Nuclear symphony on the air
The shadow of the blade
Prepare yourself to die

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