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Shadows On The Sky Lyrics

(Les Holroyd)
See the river deep and wide
Could be free
On the other side
Oh, cross the water
When the gun and knife
Have gone
Who'll be here
When tomorrow comes
Oh, living in fear
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise over
The rainbow they fly
Shadows o
N the sky
Hear the sound that fills
The skies
Killer man with dollar eyes
Oh, bring disaster
You can stand, you can run
When you hear, the sound
Of the gun
Moving closer
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise
Over the rainbow they fly
Shadows on the sky
D as far as
The eye can see
Black as night
Is the cloud you're under
There's a chance
That it cannot be
Hear the cries like the
Rolling thunder
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise
Over the rainbow they fly

Song writer(s): Les Holroyd
Official Barclay James Harvest website: www.bjharvest.co.uk

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Barclay James Harvest - Classic Meets Rock (Live)
is the track #17 from the album Classic Meets Rock which is released on 2007. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2007 ZYX Music
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