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Captain Scarlet,
He's the one who knows the Mysteron Game,
And things that they plan.

Captain Scarlet,
To his Martian foes a dangerous name,
A superman.

They crash him, and his body may burn,
They smash him. But they know he'll return,
To live again.

Captain Scarlet,
As the Angels are flying wing to wing,
Into the scene, Spectrum Is Green.

Captain Scarlet,
Though the Mysteron's plan to conquer the earth,
This indestructible man will show what he's worth.
Captain Scarlet

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Barry Gray - Thunderbirds 2 (Original Soundtrack By Barry Gray)
is the track #19 from the album Thunderbirds 2 which is released on 2004-07-19. Genre: Soundtrack | Record Label: 2004 Silva America
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