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God Of My Everything Lyrics

Oh God of heaven come and hem me in
Gather the pieces that are broken
Show me the wonder of you again
Oh God of heaven

God of my hope, God of my need
God of my pain that no one else will ever see
God of my healing, God of my strength
God who has always and will forever reign
God of my Everything

In all creation you call my name
In all the beauty that this world displays
Still I'm the one for whom your heart aches
In all creation

And when the mountains shake
You are my God
You never change
And when the earth gives way
You are still God
You never change

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Bebo Norman - Ocean
is the track #3 from the album Ocean which is released on 2010-09-28. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2010 BEC Recordings All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,
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