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Slimy Power Chick Lyrics

Fish taco on my plate!
She’s been calling me every day!
I’m a big believer, she’s a deciever
Now she’s spreading herself too thin
Go to dinner, chicken salad sandwich
She gets bitchy and I can’t make the grade
I’m sucked in, I’m weak in the knees
I got lo-fat chicken disease
She senses fear like a wanderin' Jew
She runs free as a shrink in judgment
Oh no no no! Yea!

She’s scared ‘cause I’m ok
I don’t need to cry on my pillow
Now my friend’s putting down the gridlock
Is she slimy? Is she lying to me?
Is she using my natural attraction
To cut a picture of a shiny illusions?
Is it all lame? Power on a void
Broken coffin is taken to extremes

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