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This Girl That I Know Lyrics

Laser animator
Add another to the breaker
On a broken escalator
We could get what we need
'Cause it's a night of confessions
Electric progressions
Honorable mentions
Get a bouquet of weeds
And everybody moving
Like they know what they are doing
Push a weight against a wall
In a staff filling room
City's in shambles
Untangle the tangles
People get together
To uncover the ruins

This girl that I know
I met her at a Minutemen show
She used to work for a literary journal
But she's really into hiphop

This girl that I know
I met her at a Commodores show
She kind of brushed me off
But I think she likes movies from France

Just like a lone dancer
In a motion disaster
With a chrome ghettoblaster
We just do what we feel
Even if it's atrocious
There's no hope for the hopeless
If there's nothing to cope
We get a rhythm that's real
Like a Tuesday commuter
With a dirty computer
We see the future hanging out
At a monoxide vibe
Habits are forming
Like cigarettes boring
To a smoker in the morning
Pulling butts from the ground

This girl that I know
I met her at a Sonic Youth show
I like her style
She's got that ?? burning ??

This girl that I know
I met her at a Jodeci show
She was looking good, you know

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