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You are the reason I put everything on the line
I'm trailing closely behind just waiting for my time
Choose your words, Choose them wise
Listen up cause here is some advice
Your reputation is on the line
You'll wanna listen up
If you want some respect
No don't bring it up
No one needs to know how good you are
You're arrogant and it ruins you for the man you are
I will never be silenced
From voicing my opinion about you
I will never be silenced, that's why I'm better off
without you
Every day I see through your disguise
The mask slipping off your face will be your demise
I've only had a taste but I wont let that ever change
Learn to gain some self control
Cause if you don't you'll end up alone
Humble yourself, you made it to the top
Congratulations now that you're empty inside
You hide behind the veil of the image you portray
Memories lost in the chaos blown far away
Despite what you've been told, you can't stand on the
You'll free fall grasping for the fog
You've always reached for from the ground
What will run through your mind as you plummet towards
your demise
The ground is coming fast
You're running out of time
And now that you're all alone
You crawl back the ones you love
And they wont have you
How does it feel to know that you are forsaken
By the ones that you love (that you love)
There is no hope for you
No hope for you!

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Before You Fall - Conceiver
is the track #6 from the album Conceiver which is released on 2013-03-23. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2013 Before You Fall
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