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Sweet Death Lyrics

Oh my sweet love, come to me
Take me in your soft embrace
Sweet love, please come closer
That I may touch your gentle face
Sing to me a love song
That will drive away my earthly fears
And when it's all over
You can wipe away the tears

Sweet Death, please come easy
Help me end my suffering
Please hurry to my bedside
I cannot wait another day
Come quickly fill my being
Let no-one know that you are there
Then quietly light a candle
Walk ahead to show the way

Too long have I suffered
To carry on another day
Gently close my eyes now
Let hope and care fade away
Carry me across the water
Where the darkness meets the day
As I follow in your footsteps
Your candle lights the way

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Bert Jansch - Running From Home (An Introduction to Bert Jansch)
is the track #5 from the album Running From Home which is released on 1965. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 1965 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd , a BMG Company, under exclusive license to INgrooves
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