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Nineteen. Number on his back voted captain of his high school football
Team. Took us all the way to states got a scholarship to play down in
Tennessee. Said he could run, he could duck, he could throw, he can go like
You never seen nineteen. On the day those twin towers came down his whole
World turned around. Told them all y'all we can't play ball theirs a war on
Now. So he marched right in with a few good men and joined the Marines
Nineteen. He's a boy next door he may of carried your bags at the grocery
Store now he's somebody's son holding a gun in some foreign land trying to
Hold on to his American damn dream nineteen. Theirs a sniper out there in
The dark somewhere, and a soldier down. We need someone who can run, and
Duck to get him out. Answered one good man who raised his hand take one for
The team. How 'bout you nineteen. He's a boy next door he may of carried
Your bags at the grocery store now he's somebody's son holding a gun in
Some foreign land trying to hold on to his American damn dream nineteen.
Brought him home today with a big parade down on main street. Gave him a
Purple heart a silver star soldier gave a speech. Said he could run he
Could duck he could throw he was the one who rescued me. Said he could of
Played for Tennessee. Number nineteen he was nineteen.

Song writer(s): Jeffrey Steele, Gary Nicholson, Thomas Jay Hambridge
Official Billy Ray Cyrus website: www.billyraycyrus.com

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Billy Ray Cyrus - I
is the track #7 from the album I'm American which is released on 2011-06-28. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2011 Buena Vista Records
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