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Bathroom Break Lyrics

Oh my fuckin God
This MacDonald's fucked up my stomach
I gotta shit so bad
I know it's that barbecue sauce
Yo yo yo yo
Why the fuck is all the stove occupied aye?
(I'll be right back)
Yo, anybody here?
Aye anybody in this one?
What the fuck?
Oh shit, okay. This one opened
Is that a fucking gloryhole?
The fuck is this? Nigga sticking his dick through
The fuck yo?
You seen it? What the fuck is this shit?
Yo it's fuckin Tyler Perry
Leave me alone Tyler Perry
I don't want your House of Pain
If you don't stop pointing that fucking dick at me I'm
You lucky I gota shit
Get the f... police... somebody, get this nigga away
from me
Fuck it... you lucky my stomach...
Nigga I will I will jump kick you in your motherfucking
weird white ass
Security! Caps, get the nigga
Subdue him with your mouth
Aw, what the fuck man?
I'm taking a shit

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