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Black Countess' Erotic Poetry Lyrics

From time to time seven selected virgins
Were exposed to majestic sexual ritual
Making members of demonic whores
Travelling around the world

The kingdom of depraved sex
The kingdom of cruel Countess
In the castle among rocks and barren scorched emptiness
She is sitting on the menstrual blood coloured throne
With cold grin the light of burning candles
She is not alone

"Down on your knees - I'm your Queen
For you my lovely rite
My vestal concubines
Give me your hymens at this night"

Obey her lesbian bias
Or you'll see the opened gates
Behind which cuts by the abyss
Paths of your innocent fates

"Crawl to me and lick my legs
Lick my depraved cunt
I'm carnivorous perverted Whore
Welcome to my Vicious Haunt"

Concubines can't resist her witching spell
They crawl to her and start to lick her legs
Countess delights, touching her infernal vulva
But soon she repulses the virgins off
Servants bring for her majestic magic phallus
And she masturbate with it looking at young girls
They deflower themselves with their fingers
Laying semicircling at her filthy throne

They masturbate violently too
Feeling the taste of desire
And moan from carnal delight
Fresh blood is running to the floor
From chinks between their thighs aparted wide

"Stop to open moaning mouths
And curve your scarlet lips
Your virginity is your sun
I'm your eclipse"

Obey her revolting lusts
And don't awake the Beast
Don't contradict your destiny
And end the bloody feast

"Look at me and once more
Wide apart your hussy's thighs
Be ready to new sexual pleasure
Read it in my eyes"

Girls are obeying
Countess leaves her throne crumbling to Mist
And soon they feel how something enters them
The Mist - it fills their mouths and vaginas
They feel unearthly orgasms
And cruel fire flames in their eyes

"The seven young virgins now are not pure
And night is playing for them lullaby overture
Now they are Newborn Vamps - they are free
That is my lustful legend - Black Countess' erotic poetry"

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