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For My Fallen Angel Lyrics

I invite you to take a walk
It's time to thaw the ice in your heart

Take my hand and don't look back
Only vague doubts are waiting for you behind
Walk with me to the labyrinth of dark souls
Believe me, my world is absolute

I invite you to plunge into darkness
It's time to feed your hungry flesh

Give in to me with passion
Showing protest to mankind
Drink the wine of immortality
And stand by my side on the edge of abyss

Dizzy, satiated
Inspired and shameless
You'll become a damned angel
Erecting the temples of lechery
You'll take the look of a wandering stranger
Spreading seeds of evil on the virgin land

Seductive, convincing
Depraved and imperious
You will gain a throne and devoted worshippers
And then you will feel delight in the deserted scenery of your poetry
Your chaos is waiting for you
You only need to confide in me
You will finally find yourself with me

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