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Showing The Cards Lyrics

I was given a cordial welcome and they told me what to do
Cyberia and Persephone were not slow to show their cards

I discovered soon that I went through the gates to another world
Too forbidden to be Paradise
Too nice to be called Hell

Without asking for my permission
The women just brought me there
It was the wish of black-stockinged brunette
And they were to escort me to the place

We had to go through a difficult path
To the mysterious Shining Palace
With its inimitable and gorgeous Mistress Selene

But first we had to go through the Death Valley
Behind the hills we were to face its cold grin

I did not expect to find this bizarre world
I did there nothing but fucked
And licked the feet of these two ladies
Without thinking why they tasted so nice

But there were also strange emerald pills
Dissolved in vintage vine
And the baths filled with this beverage
In which the sluts washed their feet

Washing their feet
The sluts filling them with magic
Washing their feet
The sluts sending the likes of me to this world

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