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Vestal Part I (Flame Between Her Thighs) Lyrics

"I hear the voice of my Lord
Whenever watch
At flame spreading over forest
A sunset flame
Dressed as any of nuns but not like them
With hand between legs trembling from desire
I burn myself from flame of mine
Blazing up more often in my dependent life
My Lord promises to slake my wild desire
Thus I decided to escape this night
To his lonely castle
Dark forest will shelter me and wolves will show the way"

My child I'm waiting for you in my crypt

Now you're at my door
Break the holy seal
Follow the steps down
Open the coffin's cover
Move apart your thighs
Above my mouth
Give me your vestal blood
Give me life after years of vampiric sleep

Put out your flame
Slake your sexual starvation
And don't think about further punishment
Because it'll be just reward
Come with me into the night life of blood and desire
Be my Bride!

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