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Hope Bound Lyrics

Chaos running through my head
Am i alive, am I dead, or am i stuck inside a dream
All my thoughts seem so far from real
Or is this a vision of my sick reality

A victim in your sick world of hate
I dont know how much more i can take
It seems that every breath that I intake
Brings me one step close to meeting my fate

No more will i listen to you
Now i will black my heart

I have watched the weak fall to their knees
Cry and choke on, tears of anguish
I will not back down , I will not give in
I will still stand strong for what i believe in
nothing you can say will ever get to me
no more will your desperate cries be something i believe.

I have watched the Weak fall to their knees
Cry and choke on tears of anguish
but in case you have a doubt in your head
I will not be victimized.

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